This workshop "Material Cycles in Response to the Climate and Environment Crisis" brought together participants from IIASA and the OJEong Resilience Institute (OJERI) at Korea University to discuss the growing importance of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

IIASA Interim Deputy Director General for Science, Wolfgang Lutz, welcomed the delegation of Korea University led by OJERI Director, Woo-Kyun Lee. The Material Cycles in Response to the Climate and Environment Crisis workshop built on previous collaborations between IIASA and OJERI at Korea University including the IIASA-Korea University workshop held in Austria during the European Geosciences Union 2022 and the IIASA-Korea Conference held in Korea in October 2022. The event was designed to highlight the growing importance of climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as resilient ecosystems.

The workshop was split into two sessions:

  1. Ecosystem modeling and understanding material cycles in the Mid-Latitude region

This session aimed to enhance mutual understanding of current research on ecosystem modeling and ecosystem material cycles between IIASA and OJERI at Korea University. It covered the status of carbon, nitrogen, and other materials and exchanges among vegetation, soils, waters, and atmosphere. Participants discussed modeling methods and the current status of identifying materials and material cycle mechanisms focusing on the Mid-Latitude Region including the Korean Peninsula. In addition, participants presented IIASA modeling experiences and OJERI’s research achievements.

  1. Developing future collaboration on ecosystem material cycles

This session reviewed the accomplishments of the IIASA-OJERI collaboration to date and discussed student presentations and the future directions of research cooperation between the two institutions. The discussion also covered the following topics: the EIPC-MLE application, agricultural ecosystem cycles, disaster modeling for forest fires, the impacts of carbon emissions on ecosystem cycles and damages, and the use of agent-based models. In addition, participants discussed future coloration and saught new agendas for special initiative programs.

Please contact Florian Kraxner to find out more about the event.


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