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Sweden with its rich forest resources is of significant interest concerning future large scale production of second generation biofuels and other advanced biorefinery products. Large plant sizes, however, increase the required feedstock supply area and put significant demands on the supply chain. Co-location with other industry provides an opportunity for higher total conversion efficiencies, but also puts additional requirements on the locations, as does competition for the available feedstock.

Since this kind of production facilities are associated with very large investments, careful evaluation of possible plant locations is of utmost importance. This can be accomplished through advanced systems analysis using BeWhere.

The BioDME plant in Piteå, Sweden, and a sample of black liquor produced. (Source: Chemrec AB 2008)

BeWhere Sweden

BeWhere Sweden focuses on detailed modelling of integration of advanced biofuel production with other parts of the energy system, in particular forest industry. The potential host sites are to a large degree modelled individually regarding energy balances with and without integrated biofuel production, respectively. Also on the feedstock side, biomass flows are modelled with a high degree of details.

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Elisabeth Wetterlund

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