The IIASA TRUST Strategic Initiative is set to take an important role at the upcoming “Connect. Collaborate. Create. Bridging communities to foster participatory research and citizen science” Conference, scheduled from October 19-21, 2023, at Aubervilliers, Campus Condorcet in Paris.

This pivotal event will bring together a diverse array of European communities dedicated to fostering participatory research and citizen science, including those involved in funding these initiatives. Jointly organized by the European projects COESO and PRO-Ethics, the conference emphasizes integrating participatory approaches at the crucial research funding stage. The event aims to stimulate vibrant conversations and insights, focusing on six core areas:

  1. Participatory research, citizen science, and open science networks
  2. Support services for participatory research and citizen science
  3. Methodologies for doing and teaching citizen science and ethical participatory approaches
  4. Data workflows and communication formats
  5. Drivers and barriers for citizen science
  6. Assessing and evaluating participatory processes

In an exciting collaboration, the IIASA TRUST Strategic Initiative is partnering with the Urban Institute to organize a session titled "Establishing Trust and Applying Tools for Community Engaged Research, Policy, and Practice." The session will provide an overview of the bedrock of all participatory, community-based work: trust. This will be followed by a fireside discussion with session participants. The second portion of the session will introduce two toolkits for participatory science, inviting participants to share feedback and contribute to their development and refinement through hands-on workshopping and engagement with the content.

Additionally, TRUST will present a poster titled “Exploring the Power of Participation for Trust in Science”. This presentation will spotlight the strategic initiative’s groundbreaking work, specifically focusing on the development of a comprehensive survey designed to delve into the intricate relationship between participation-driven science activities, such as citizen science, and individuals’ attitudes towards climate science, particularly trust.

The “Connect. Collaborate. Create.: conference presents a unique opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and advocates in participatory research and citizen science to share knowledge, collaborate, and inspire positive change towards more inclusive science processes. The IIASA TRUST Strategic Initiative is excited to be at the forefront of this movement, shaping the future of participatory research and citizen science on a global scale.

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