The fifth IIASA National and Regional Member Organizations (NMOs/RMO) engagement workshop will take place on 17 and 18 October 2023 and is part of the activities of the Strategic Initiatives Program. The workshop will identify global and regional challenges with significant strategic impact for IIASA member organizations. The event provides an opportunity to shape the program's research agenda for the next round of proposals.

Together with IIASA’s NMOs/RMO, the Strategic Initiatives Program and the Communications and External Relations Department will start the process of selecting the next round of exciting research projects in October 2023, and as such, are co-organizing a workshop, which will:

  • Co-define with NMOs/RMO the evolution of the Strategic Initiatives Program for the start of the next call for proposals. 
  • Further refine NMOs/RMO engagement in the next call for proposals.

The Strategic Initiatives Program was created in 2020 to actively engage in horizon scanning to identify global and/or regional initiatives of high strategic impact. The program engages with NMOs/RMO to identify research interests for multiple members and leverage the expertise available across IIASA to break new ground in research and applications.

The following research projects are currently funded under the IIASA Strategic Initiatives Program: 


To find out more about the Strategic Initiatives Program, please contact Katya Perez-Guzman.

Upcoming Events

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13 May 2024 Brussels, Belgium

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