IIASA’s Transformations within Reach (TwR) initiative hosts the first meeting of the TwR Community of Science and Practice (CoSP) to kickoff co-production of recommendations on how to catalyze global transformation to sustainability.

The Transformations within Reach (TwR) initiative aims to put forward recommendations on how to catalyze global transformation to sustainability by enhancing the way society makes decisions that affect sustainable development. These recommendations will be co-produced by the TwR Community of Science and Practice (CoSP) and the IIASA team working in tandem. Participatory co-production of recommendations by CoSP and the IIASA team ensures that they are relevant, feasible, and informed by the best available science.

The TwR CoSP is a relatively small and carefully selected group of leading experts from academia, public and private sectors, and civil society with vast and diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise. It is chaired by Leena Srivastava, former IIASA Deputy Director for Science (2019-2022) and co-lead of the IIASA – ISC Consultative Science Platform: ‘Bouncing Forward Sustainably to a Post-COVID World’ (TwR phase-1). The full list of current CoSP members can be found here.

The first CoSP meeting will focus on discussing the motivation, scope, and methodology of the TwR initiative; reviewing and refining a conceptual framework for societal transformations, and brainstorming about candidate areas of societal transformations within this framework.


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