Elderley woman in mask

11 January 2022

Health fears can increase pandemic isolation habits in older Europeans

A study found that older Europeans are more likely to stick to pandemic rules if they think they are unhealthier than they actually are.
Women sitting at desk looking at zoom call in progress on computer screen

11 October 2021

How recovery from COVID-19’s impact on energy demand could help meet climate targets

The pandemic-related drop in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 was likely the largest on record in a single year, but how our recovery might affect future emissions is less clear. New modeling examines alternative scenarios and how they could impact climate mitigation targets.


29 November 2021

Assessing the cost of a herd immunity approach to COVID-19 in the USA

Options Winter 2021: The herd immunity approach was initially considered as a management option for the COVID-19 pandemic. IIASA researchers looked at what the cost of inaction would have been in the USA.
blurry crowd of people on the street wearing masks

17 June 2021

Getting a fuller picture of COVID-19 infections

Options Summer 2021: Knowing how many people are infected is key to accurately monitor pandemics. IIASA researchers used a novel approach to indirectly estimate the fraction of people ever infected and the fraction of people detected among the infected in the United States.
Diagram of COVID infection rates