IIASA demographers will present the latest of their research at the EuHEA Conference 2024 on "Opening up perspectives on health economics" organized by the European Health Economics Association and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) in Vienna.

The EuHEA Conference 2024 in Vienna will explore how health economics can be approached from different perspectives. Its comprehensive program will feature macro analyses at the health system level, research on the decisions made by key stakeholders, and microeconomic studies on consumption and behaviours of patients and health care providers. By bringing all these perspectives together, the program aims at fostering a holistic understanding of the latest research in the field as well as informing effective, equitable, and sustainable health policies.

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The full program can be viewed here

IIASA contribution to the EuHEA Conference 2024
Tuesday 2 July 2024


Environmental and nutritional determinants of health  08:30-10:00

Breathing clean air, remembering better: A cross-regional study of air quality and cognitive functioning in European older adults
Daniela Weber

Bridging the divide: Exploring the climate-health nexus with health economics  13:15-14:45
Chair: Josephine Borghi

How are poverty and climate hazards associated with health outcomes? – A global panel analysis using novel dataset of Decent Living Standards (DLS) and the Global Burden of Diseases (GBD) Study 2019
Michael Kuhn

Investing in healthy ageing: The value of health at older ages  13:15-14:45

The moderating role of formal childcare in the grandparenting - cognition association
Thomas Arnhold

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