On the 1st of July 2024 in Leuven (Belgium), CircEUlar, together with IAM-Circ, CIRCOMOD, and ScarCyclET, will organize a Joint workshop on Circular Economy Economic Modelling. The objective is to provide a platform for researchers – especially young, non-tenured economists – who are interested in advancing our understanding of the economic aspects of the circular economy. 

The joint workshop will be held prior to the 29th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists in 2024. The workshop will feature a keynote address by Aude Pommeret, followed by paper presentations. This event will provide a unique opportunity for economic researchers to engage with cutting-edge research, exchange ideas, discuss limitations and challenges, and contribute to the advancement of circular economy economic modelling

Registration to the workshop is free (with or without presenting). Seats are limited (40): REGISTER NOW

Researchers are invited to submit empirical and theoretical papers covering a wide range of topics related to the circular economy economic model, as well as abstracts or drafts of papers to to j.metta@tilburguniversity.edu by 15 March, 22:00 CET. A pdf with details of the paper and author(s), including current position (Master, PhD, Post-doc, Assis. Prof., etc.) should be included in the email with the subject: “Submission Joint Workshop on Circular Economy Economic Modelling“. 

Results about the selected papers for presentation at the workshop will be communicated to authors by the 10th of April. 

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