In celebration of International Women's Day, this webinar features three IIASA researchers with a passion for education and science. Marina Andrijevic, Anne Goujon, and Thomas Schinko will discuss their perspectives on the importance of women in research, education as a demographic variable, and promoting science in education.

Their exchanges will focus on how systems analysis research can provide insights into the challenges facing young people in the context of the main drivers of change (climate change, nutrient pollution, land conversion leading to habitat change, overexploitation, and invasive alien species and disease). These drivers will impact everyone, and education is essential to help understand the impacts on the world we live in.

Many of the complex global challenges that we face are interlinked with socioeconomic issues and misinformation. IIASA research enables scientists to work with policymakers and educators to support a greater understanding of the challenges we face and to help build resilience to the changes that are coming.


About the IIASA webinar series

Through its research on the world’s most complex challenges, IIASA produces unique scientific insights and possible solutions to many of the critical challenges we face: What are the best ways to tackle the climate crisis? What are the ways forward towards sustainable, resilient, just, and equitable societies?

The IIASA public webinar series provides a virtual platform to get to know our experts and to share research, opportunities, knowledge, experiences, and foster new connections.

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