Our 6th IIASA webinar will feature Amanda Palazzo, Ting Tang and Raya Muttarak to discuss women and science. Their exchanges will focus on how systems analysis research can provide insights into the challenges facing women in the context of a changing climate and the empowerment of women researchers.

Many of the complex global challenges that we face are interlinked with socioeconomic issues. Systems analysis is a tool that allows researchers at IIASA to dive deep into the gender dimensions of global challenges such as the impact of food security on women, gender equality and access to clean water or climate consequences on different gender populations.

In celebration of International Women's Day and World Water Day, this webinar features three successful IIASA women in science who dedicate their research and work to better understand gender inequalities. Amanda Palazzo, Ting Tang and Raya Muttarak will discuss their perspectives on the gender dimension of sustainable development. They will draw on their experience to discuss the progress and future perspectives on the empowerment of women scientists.

About the IIASA webinar series

Through its research on the world’s most complex challenges, IIASA produces unique scientific insights and possible solutions to many of the critical challenges we face: What are the best ways to tackle the climate crisis? What are the ways forward towards sustainable, resilient, just, and equitable societies?   

The IIASA public webinar series provides a virtual platform to get to know our experts and to share research, opportunities, knowledge, experiences, and foster new connections. 

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