IIASA offers a range of postdoctoral opportunities for early career researchers. The institute is currently accepting applications for two of its postdoctoral offerings: the IIASA Postdoctoral Fellowship and the Peking University (PKU)–IIASA Postdoctoral Program.

As part of its mission to advance systems analysis around the world, IIASA places a strong emphasis on developing capacity in the field, both at the institute itself and in its member countries. One of the institute’s offerings is its range of postdoctoral opportunities for early career researchers.

The IIASA Postdoctoral Fellowship provides full funding for one year with the possibility of extension for another year, for successful applicants of any nationality to conduct their own research on topics closely related to one or more IIASA Research Groups. The program aims to train highly qualified early-career postdoctoral researchers in carrying out research that supports the institute’s efforts to conduct policy-oriented, multidisciplinary research into challenges that are too large or complex to be solved by a single country or discipline, including, among others, climate change, biodiversity, energy security, and sustainable development.

The Peking University (PKU)IIASA Postdoctoral Program is also open to applicants of all nationalities and supports postdoctoral researchers in carrying out research in fields of mutual interest for both PKU and IIASA over a period of two years. This includes, but is not limited to, research and development of advanced systems analysis methodologies, technological, economic, and environmental challenges including pollution and risk analysis, energy, ecology and ecosystems management, and natural resources.

Fellows of both programs have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in applying systems analysis to real-world problems and issues, while having access to a vibrant network of high-class international collaborators to help boost their future career prospects, to which many IIASA postdoctoral alumni can attest.

“The unique opportunities available to postdoctoral fellows at IIASA mirror the exceptionality of the institute itself. In few places is such a breadth of scientific interests backed by such a history of distinguished research or paired with the imperative for global policy relevance that is one of the institute’s enduring trademarks. As a postdoc, I have been deeply influenced—to my great advantage—by IIASA interdisciplinarity, internationality, collegiality, and participation at a high level in addressing the grand challenges of our time. Internalizing the institute’s nuanced way of examining and addressing complex problems has expanded and enhanced my own scientific capabilities and working in its unparalleled ambience has been a highlight of my career so far,” says IIASA alumnus Jose Siri.

Apply today! Applications close on 30 November 2022.

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17 October 2023

New Team Members in Focus: Advancing Research Works in Agriculture, Forestry and Ecosystem Services Group

We are pleased to announce the arrival of four new researchers to the Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group. With varying backgrounds and research objectives, this quartet is poised to elevate the group's interdisciplinary research in global and regional agriculture, forestry, and natural land ecosystems.
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Launch of the Northern African Applied Systems Analysis Centre

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03 February 2021

Awards for outstanding young scientists

Four exceptional young scientists from the 2020 Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) have been recognized as YSSP awards finalists. Two will receive funding to continue their research projects at IIASA.