The MOSAIC project conducted its second Project Partners Meeting, held from November 7th to 9th, 2023, in Innsbruck, Austria. This event was a convergence of in-person and virtual attendees, bringing together project partners from Austria, Slovenia, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany.

MOSAIC project meeting © Pavel Kiparisov | IIASA

MOSAIC project meeting

The primary objectives of this meeting were to provide updates on the project's progress, report on developments across the various Work Packages (WP), conduct technical workshops per WP, and delve into the topics of Marteloscopes and Forest Living Labs (FLL). These workshops were pivotal for handling and overcoming in-depth technical concerns and challenges encountered, and formulating an action plan for the next project period. A special segment featured guest speakers from EFI and INRAE who gave in-depth presentations on Marteloscopes – such as their use, application, and training techniques – and other initiatives related to it, all of which are integral to the output of WP 3 and the goals for long-lasting community involvement.

FLAM team in Innsbruck © Pavel Kiparisov | IIASA

FLAM team in Innsbruck

Representing IIASA, the lead partner for WP 1, the FLAM team shared updates on their work, including the establishment of an internal project site, which doubles as a temporary project repository hosted by IIASA. This platform was created to facilitate project-related communication and data-sharing. The FLAM team led a technical breakout session on data collection and harmonization, platform design, and discussions to choose a story “plotline” to best connect and communicate data, results, and partner work. This session was key to laying the groundwork for launching a webGIS atlas, the principal output of WP 1. At the end of the project meeting, important points were clarified and next steps were identified, including the 3rd Project Partners Meeting, to be held in May 2024 in Italy.

Outside the official meeting, the FLAM team used their first business trip with the entire team to hold a team-building session. This informal time helped them strengthen their bonds, contributing to improved teamwork.


KunstHaus Wien

21 May 2024

IIASA is among the scientific partners of the Vienna Climate Biennale with CircEUlar project

The first Vienna Climate Biennale started its 100 day long festival program in April. CircEUlar is among the scientific partners of the Biennale, providing content on the potential of circular economy strategies to combat climate change.
PV panels

29 April 2024

Think globally, act locally: IIASA completes PV system installation

The Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) recently partnered with a local photovoltaic (PV) supplier to implement a 220 kWp system using nearly 500 PV panels. With construction now finished, the investment anticipates yielding financial returns over the next decade. This initiative not only presents a substantial opportunity to reduce the Institute’s greenhouse gas footprint but also provides economical energy savings potential.
FLAM team at EGU24

23 April 2024

FLAM Goes EGU: Exploring Wildfire Research in 2024

The annual European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly took place from April 14-19, 2024, in Vienna. The FLAM Team participated significantly as conveners, oral presenters, and poster exhibitors in various sessions.