Hans Joachim (John) Schellnhuber currently serves as the twelfth IIASA Director General.

IIASA was founded in 1972 to build bridges between the West and the East through the universal power of scientific truth. This power is needed even more today in a multipolar world shaken by unprecedented crises.

Hans Joachim ('John') Schellnhuber took up the role as IIASA Director General on 1 December 2023. He is a globally recognized authority on sustainability and climate science and one of the founders and pioneers of interdisciplinary climate- and climate impact research. His extensive experience in advisory positions to influential global entities uniquely positions him to influence policy and practice at the intersection of science and society. Schellnhuber's forward-looking agenda for IIASA is set to catalyze innovative solutions to environmental challenges, driving transformative change for a sustainable and equitable future, while building bridges across political divides through scientific collaboration and science diplomacy.

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