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Balancing food security and nitrogen use
BALancing humAn and Natural resource use for Circular bioEconomy (BALANCE)
Barbara Kreissler
Barbara Willaarts
Bas van Ruijven
Bas van Ruijven as a keynote speaker at a NCSC side-event of COP 27
Beating the poverty trap
Behnam Zakeri
Bekhzod Makhkamov
Bending the curve of biodiversity loss
Benedikt Soja
Benefits of IIASA membership
Benigna Boza-Kiss
Bernhard Rengs
Better policy design for sustainable land management
Bettina Greenwell
Between 1.5°C and 2°C – the big impacts of half a degree
Between 1.5°C and 2°C — analyzing the global warming targets
BiDS | Big Data from Space 2023
Big Data and Systems Analysis
Bing Zhu
Bingqing Ding
Binh Nguyen
Bintang Yuwono
Biodiversity from a Systems Perspective
BioGeoChemistry Management Model (BGC-MAN)
Biqing Zhu
Blessing or curse? How the pandemic and the war impact energy transitions
Brazil-EU Cooperation for Development of Advanced Lignocellulosic Biofuel (BECOOL)
Brian Fath
Brian Fath at Modul University Research Seminar Series
Brian Fath invited to be a plenary speaker at the ECO Summit 2023
Brian Fath receives Board of Regents Faculty Award
Bridging current knowledge gaps to enable the UPTAKE of carbon dioxide removal methods (UPTAKE)
Bridging the gap between science and policy
Bringing the impact of nutrient imbalance to global attention
Bringing together the global systems analysis network
Bruno Meirelles De Oliveira
Budapest Eurasia Forum 2020
Building Arctic Futures: Transport Infrastructures and Sustainable Northern Communities (INFRANORTH)
Building fairness into decision making
Building fairness perspectives into climate policy
Building Global Funding Alliances
Building more fire-resistant housing in California
Building pathways to sustainability in a post-COVID world
Building trust in science for a sustainable future
Building trust in science for a sustainable future