On 18 September 2023, IIASA will host a meeting of its National Member Organizations (NMOs) and Regional Member Organization (RMO) Secretaries. This gathering will unite representatives from diverse countries to discuss and strengthen their partnerships with IIASA.

IIASA Director General, Albert van Jaarsveld, will open the meeting with welcome remarks and together with Interim Deputy Director General for Science, Wolfgang Lutz, deliver a presentation on IIASA's performance.

Participants will engage in discussion on a range of topics. IIASA Strategic Initiatives Program Director, Steffen Fritz, and Caroline Zimm, a researcher jointly associated with the Energy, Climate, and Environment, and Population and Just Societies programs, will offer insights into shaping impactful research collaborations through co-designed projects.

Fabian Wagner, Dean of the IIASA Capacity Development and Academic Training Unit, will share opportunities for the development of the next generation of systems analysis researchers, emphasizing the institute's commitment to nurturing talent.

In today's interconnected world, digital platforms play a crucial role in fostering international collaboration. The Communication and External Relations team will delve into leveraging these tools to strengthen relations with and between NMOs/RMO, thus advancing IIASA's mission of science diplomacy.

The meeting will culminate in a discussion of next steps, underlining the importance of ongoing communication and collaboration, while investigating mechanisms to further increase the institute's outreach activities. This event promises to be an engaging exercise to shape future research initiatives, nurture talent, and promote research collaboration through the collective efforts of IIASA and its member organizations.

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