Thomas Schinko and Magdalena Tordy of the Risk and Resilience program are participating in the young&wise Summer Program taking place in Vorarlberg as a collaborative effort from the makingAchange project.

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What are solutions for the grand challenges of our time, such as the climate crisis? How can people be motivated to carry these solutions into their everyday lives? These are some of the questions that sustainability science and policy deal with every day. Within the research project makingAchange, Thomas Schinko and Magdalena Tordy of IIASA's Risk and Resilience Program are collaborating with various societal stakeholders. The aim of the project is to co-design effective peer-to-peer trainings for school students in order to raise awareness concerning the grand challenges of the 21st century, to lay out potential solutions, and to enable young people to implement these ideas to real actions. In the context of this collaborative research project, Magdalena Tordy and Thomas Schinko will participate in one of the project partner’s – jung&weise (young&wise) – summer workshop series in Vorarlberg, Austria.

The aim of this summer program is to bring together school students with people from all generations in order to jointly discuss and experience concerns of the young generation. Magdalena Tordy will join the school students on a bike trip through the region in order to experience first-hand challenges and opportunities in the context of the climate crisis. Thomas Schinko will present the makingAchange project and in particular potential entry points for the school students to further participate in the transdisciplinary research project. He will also co-host a workshop, which premiers a novel climate simulation game for school students.

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