The overall goal of the workshop is to gather the community in order to present the state of the art and identify main EO research challenges in supporting sustainable agriculture under pressure.

There is a growing pressure on agriculture and the entire food system to increase the global production sustainably while adapting to climate change and ensuring transparent markets to avoid food price fluctuations.

In this context the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission (EC), the World Food Programme (WFP), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and GEOGLAM are co-organising the EO for Agriculture Under Pressure 2024 Workshop, bringing together the large community working on EO-based science and solutions for agriculture as well as users, including scientists, data and service providers, national and international agencies and other institutions and organisations in order to present and discuss the state of the art, evolving needs, and priority areas for future projects.  

One of the sessions in this workshop is Bridging In-Situ & EO for Agriculture, and Program Director and Principal Research Scholar Steffen Fritz will give an overview of the current NODES in-situ data collection practices, and future challenges and opportunities. This session will take place on Wednesday 15 May 11:10am - 12:10pm.

In-situ data are crucial for enhancing Earth Observation (EO) technologies, offering vital ground-truth data that improve agricultural monitoring systems. The entire session will delve into the integration of in-situ data with EO technologies, focusing on current practices, challenges, and innovations. Our discussions will explore ways to advance this integration to support better agricultural monitoring and decision-making.

In addition, Research Scholar Linda See is giving a poster presentation from the LAMASUS project, called: Improving high-resolution spatial information on grassland management by integrating remotely sensed products with statistical and in situ data, on Monday 13 May, 6pm - 7pm, and she is chairing a session on Data Integration, on Thursday 16 May, 12:30am - 1:40pm.

Registration is free of charge. Learn more about this workshop and register on the official website from here.


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