IIASA researchers attended the June 2023 Cross-sectoral ISIMIP and PROCLIAS Workshop in Prague, Czech Republic.  

At this workshop, IIASA researchers were able to attend meetings with other experts from all over the world, where they discussed the modelling of climate impacts on sectors such as energy, water resources and quality, fisheries, agriculture, and forestry. ISIMIP project is the largest global collaboration on climate impacts modelling and its data is widely used at IIASA and in scientific assessments, including the IPCC.

IIASA ECE Program researchers Dr. Edward Byers, Jarmo Kikstra, Dr. Giacomo FalchettaDr. Julian Hunt and Dr. Keywan Riahi all attended and presented on topics including energy sector climate impacts, cross-sector impacts, integrated assessment and adaptation. Keywan Riahi was a keynote speaker at the event, speaking about the challenges and opportunities of an integrated perspective on impacts, adaptation and mitigation. 

Researchers from the Water Security group were also in attendance – Dr. Ting Tang and Dr. Mikhail Smilovic presented new results from the Community Water Model and engaged in discussions on water quality and groundwater modelling, respectively.