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Mikhail Smilovic

Research Scholar

Water Security Research Group

Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program


Dr. Mikhail Smilovic is a Research Scholar with the IIASA Water (WAT) program, where he is investigating issues related to water and food security through simulations and stakeholder-driven model development.

Humans influence the pattern of how water moves within the hydrological cycle. This includes collecting, managing, and distributing water from rainfall, rivers, reservoirs, and groundwater aquifers. This water then satisfies agricultural, domestic, and industrial water interests. Simulating the water cycle in managed regions to address questions of water security necessitates including certain processes related to human interactions within the water cycle. Simulating at finer resolutions offers both the opportunity and challenge of including human-integrated processes that at coarser resolutions are either absorbed into other processes, not possible, or not relevant, while at higher resolutions are necessary to sufficiently represent the system.

Dr. Smilovic is further developing the hydrological model CWatM created at IIASA, increasing the resolution and improving representations of human interactions within the water cycle.

Last update: 30 SEP 2020