IIASA and CIRED will host the IPCC TG-Data Webinar and Demonstration on AR6 Scenarios Database for Europe on Thursday 26th of January at 12:00 CET time


The findings of AR6 WGIII report were underpinned not just by the scientific literature, but also quantitative data on emissions, energy, land and sectoral transformation scenarios. Substantial efforts were made to coordinate and collect scenarios data,  which was submitted by modelling teams around the world and assessed by lead authors. The AR6 Scenarios Database has been publicly online since the WGIII approval, aiming to transparently support the findings of the report and also provide a useful resource for researchers.

A series of regional webinars have been organized to introduce the database from regional perspectives, and include a hand-on activity/tutorial such that users can also explore the data online as the AR6 Scenario Explorer.

  1. Volker Krey (IIASA) & Franck Lecocq (CIRED) – Introduction to AR6, and the use of national and regional scenarios in assessment of government pledges on climate action.
  2. Ed Byers (IIASA) /  Alaa Al Khourdajie (IPCC WGIII) – Introduction to scenarios database and process
  3. Sebastian Vicuna Diaz (IPCC TG-Data) – FAIR principles general guidelines on how to access and terms of use of data and present the role of TG Data.
  4. Q&A
  5. Break-out groups and hands-on activity on using Scenario Explorer and the AR6 Scenarios Database.

Click here for more info about the event.

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