Thank you all for your participation and patience regarding the poster award of this year’s TIFAC-IIASA conference. A fair and accurate voting process and result are our highest priority, and we sincerely appreciate your patience in this matter. 

We are delighted to have received a high volume of posters and the quality and passion of your work shone through in every single one of them. 

Our scientific committee has met to deliberate all poster submissions and we are pleased to announce that this year’s winner of the poster award is:

Usha Rani: Time to Act: System Mapping and Investing in Health Literacy from School to Elderly, Ensuring Sustainable Health for All

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No. Name Poster Title
2 Sunil Nautiyal Sustainable Use of Bio-resources for Socio-ecological Development; Insights from Action Research Activities in Male Mahadeshwara Betta (MM Hills)
3 Rang Lal Meena Water Use Efficiency and Productivity of Barley Crop as Affected by Waste Wool and Irrigation
6 Kapil Choudhary Decomposition Based Deep Learning Model for Price Forecasting of Agricultural Commodities
8 Ronit Jaiswal Genetic algorithm optimized CNN-LSTM model for agricultural price forecasting
9 Vamika Goel & Aishani Pal Impact of COVID-19 On Employment in Urban India
10 Pankaj Das Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction of Soil Properties
12 Pallavi Padmanav Understanding the Health of Ecosystem in A Coastal Socio- Ecological System 
13 Jimlee Patowary A Study of The Emission Dynamics During Diwali And the Inadequacies in The Current Monitoring Systems
18 Suresh Ramanan S Climate Smart Agriculture Versus Climate Resilient Agriculture: A Theoretical Scrutiny
19 Cheshta Grover Human Learning Systems as an Approach for Improved Public Service Experience: Early Insights for Potential in India
20 Saravanan Vasudevan Performance Evaluation of Solar Photovoltaic Microgrid System
22 Rico Ancog Understanding Invasive Alien Species as An Environmental Bad: Some Environmental Governance and Economic Valuation Imperatives in The Philippines
27 Rahul Yadav Valuation of Sediment Retention Service Based on Forest Cover in A Himalayan Watershed Using Invest Model
28 Usha Rani Time to Act: System Mapping and Investing in Health Literacy from School to Elderly, Ensuring Sustainable Health for All
31 Chanthingla Horam Socio-Ecological Systems and Commons- A Case of Community Conserved Areas in Manipur
33 Rani Devi Assessment of Diurnal Temperature Variability and Its Impact Over India
34 Neha Singh Variability of Nitrogen Dioxide from Space over India during the Last Two Decades (2005-2019)
35 Debajit Sarkar Demographic and Socio- Economic Disparities in PM2.5 Exposure in India: A Regional/ State Level Analysis
36 Sushovan Ghosh Cleaner air would enhance India’s annual solar energy production by 6–28 TWH



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