Many of the complex global challenges that we face are interlinked with socioeconomic issues. This webinar features citizen science expert Linda See and her experience in using earth observation and participatory approaches to conduct research and provide innovative tools and services to achieve the sustainable development goals. 

Linda See is one of the top citizen science researchers at IIASA. Her long standing experience includes projects such as Picture Pile, a crowdsourcing tool for providing humanitarian and urban climate and energy information, the Austrian ASAP-10 LACO-Wiki project,  an online tool for the validation of land cover, and more recently the Geo-Wiki platform providing citizens with the means to engage in environmental monitoring of the earth.

She is also a chapter author on the 2021 book "The Science of Citizen Science", which offers practical support for implementing projects and also addresses emerging topics in citizen science and artificial intelligence. 

Learn more about the initiatives that Linda mentioned in her talk: Christmas Bird CountScistarterGeo-WikiPicture Pile (you can contribute to ongoing Earth Challenge Picture Pile campaign), Global Earth Challenge (you can download the app and contribute to the ongoing Picture Pile campaign), or follow her on Twitter for updates. 

About the IIASA webinar series

Through its research on the world’s most complex challenges, IIASA produces unique scientific insights and possible solutions to many of the critical challenges we face: What are the best ways to tackle the climate crisis? What are the ways forward towards sustainable, resilient, just, and equitable societies?   

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