The macroeconomic agent-based model (MacroABM) developed by IIASA is gaining momentum. Researchers and practitioners working on the model, both from academic and policy institutions, will meet on 18-19 April 2024 in Schloss Laxenburg. This workshop will facilitate exchanges on the model, create a space to get support with practical issues, and share ideas.

MacroABMs generate the relevant macro-aggregates of a national economy from the micro-founded behavior of heterogeneous agents. They have the potential to enrich the toolboxes of policy institutions such as central banks, enabling finer analyses of monetary and fiscal policies.

The MacroABM developed at IIASA, described in Poledna et al. (2023), competes with state-of-the-art standard models in forecasting and uses publicly available data for calibrations. It is gaining momentum and has recently been adopted by the Bank of Canada (CANVAS) to enrich its in-house macroeconomic models. The code has been re-implemented on various platforms, and the model is being extended and reworked in several directions.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together scientists and practitioners who develop, use, or are interested in using the model in any of its versions. We aim to exchange successes and failures, good practices, and ideas.

Participants are from academic research institutions (IIASA, Oxford INET, University of Macerata, University of Tokyo, Vienna University of Economics and Business, etc.), policy-oriented research institutions (ETRIIHS, WIFO, wiiw, etc.), policy institutions (Bank of Canada, Bank of Italy, Bank of Spain, Hungarian Central BankOECD, etc.), and private companies.

To participate, please register as per the contacts below by 5 April at the latest. Please note that the number of participants is limited.

For ONLINE participation, please contact Luca.

Schloss Laxenburg © IIASA

Schloss Laxenburg

The workshop takes place on 18-19 April 2024 in IIASA. The institute is located in Schloss Laxenburg, about 15 km south of Vienna. Click here to know more about the history of IIASA and its castle.

Information for participants


The program is in PDF above. It gets regular updates.

Practical information

How to reach IIASA? Where to stay in Vienna? Please have a look at this PDF, which is updated regularly.


Please contact the organizers: Celian Colon ( and Luca Fierro ( Please use both addresses.


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Sebastian Poledna

Research Group Leader and Senior Research Scholar (EM)

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Celian Colon

Peter E. DeJanosi Postdoctoral Research Scholar (EM, CDAT)

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Luca Fierro

Research Scholar (EM)

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Hannah Engljähringer

Guest Research Assistant (EM)

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