Latest events from the Strategic Initiatives Program.

Two Strategic Initiative workshops were held on December 4, 2020, and February 2, 2021, to allow NMO countries the opportunity to provide input into IIASA research and to co-design the Strategic Initiatives. IIASA NMOs were asked to each nominate two country representatives who were familiar with their national priorities, systems research communities, and IIASA’s work.

The objective of the first workshop was to define twelve research themes that could become the basis for an internal IIASA SI call for funding, enlisted below:
•    Sustainable Cities
•    Governance
•    Inequalities and sustainable livelihoods
•    Digitization, new technologies, and open data
•    Health, Wellbeing, and Happiness
•    Food Security
•    Engagement, Society and Behavioral change
•    NetZero / decarbonization
•    Land-Water-Energy-Biodiversity Nexus
•    Achieving SDGs
•    Circular economy
•    Pollution in Asia 

In the second workshop, these themes were further refined, prioritized and specific selection criteria were defined for the following themes:

•    Achieving the SDGs
•    Engagement, Society and Behavioral Change
•    Food Security for All
•    Land-Water-Energy-Biodiversity Nexus
•    Net Zero carbon emissions

These were the final research themes, included now in the Internal IIASA Call for Strategic Initiatives.

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Last edited: 20 March 2021


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