24 November 2015
Vienna, Austria

The Nitrogen Cascade: Updates on Sources - Environment Impacts - Solutions

Symposium on the environmental effects of the nitrogen cycle and the strong influence of human activities.

The Austrian Academy of Science's Commission on Climate and Air Quality, of which IIASA Researcher Wilfried Winiwarter is co-chair, will hold a symposium on the role that nitrogen plays in living organisms, in the atmosphere, soil and waters. Anthropogenic interventions in the cycle - for example by artificial fertilization or indirectly through climate change - alter the nitrogen gas flows within and between these spheres. This shows effects on nature, both animate and inanimate, across different scales.

International experts will come together to analyze the state of research of the nitrogen cycle and the environmental effects.

Event Details


Date: 24 November, start at 14:00h

Location: Austrian Academy of Science, Sonnenfelsgasse 19, 1010 Vienna (Theatersaal)

Contact:  Commission on Climate and Air Quality -   

                Tel: +43 1 51581-2450

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Last edited: 26 November 2015


Wilfried Winiwarter

Senior Research Scholar

Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases

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