08 April 2013

POPNET Newsletter 44, Winter 2012/13

The latest issue of IIASA's POPNET newsletter provides a brief overview of last years highlights at the World Population Program

Since 1982 the World Population Program issues the  POPNET newsletter for an extensive network of researchers and institutes working in the field of population and sustainable development. On a regular basis collaborators and interested individuals are provided with details of developments at the Program, current research, latest publications and information on forthcoming meetings and conferences.

Among other information, POPNET 44 features a summary of the new Wittgenstein Centre global human capital projections by age, sex, and education for 171 countries, which are based on the new IPCC SSP Scenarios.

Past publications are highlighted, including the groundbreaking article in Population and Development Review entitled Demographic Metabolism: A Predictive Theory of Socioeconomic Change by Wolfgang Lutz, and a major paper in PNAS, Variation in cognitive functioning as a refined approach to comparing aging across countries authored by Vegard Skirbekk, Elke Loichinger and Daniela Weber.

The forthcoming book, published by the Oxford University Press, headed World Population and Human Capital in the 21st Century edited by Wolfgang Lutz, William P. Butz, and Samir KC, will present the most comprehensive analysis to date of what is known about the drivers of global population change and the range of likely trends between now and 2100.

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