01 January 2008 - 31 December 2008

Selected Invited Lectures

Wolfgang Lutz

In 2008 Wolfgang Lutz gave 27 lectures in 15 different countries.
Highlights are

  • Plenary keynote address “World Population and Human Capital” at the Club of Rome’s 40th Anniversary Conference and Centennary of Aurelio Peccei, Auditorio Roma, June 17
  • Concluding plenary keynote “The Coming Acceleration of Global Population Ageing” at the Annual Meeting of the Royal Statistical Society, Nottingham, September 5
  • Plenary address “Alternative trends for human capital in Africa” at the East African Conference of Education Ministers on Urban Education, Nairobi, November 14
  • Opening plenary keynote “Recent demographic trends in Europe and the World” at the Second European Demographic Forum, EU Commission, Brussels, November 24

Sergei Scherbov
  • Presentation “Population Dynamics and Forecasting” at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Information Affairs, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, June 14
  • Lecture on “Aging: A New Look into an Old Problem” at the International Conference on Multifacetal Aspects of Aging and Aging Diseases, Peking University, Beijing, October 29

Vegard Skirbekk
  • Presentation “Reconciling Work and Family Life” at the European Parliament, Brussels, February 14
  • Presentation “Age, Productivity and Cohort Effects” at the MacArthur Foundation Aging Society Network, Rockefeller Foundation/Bellagio, May 20
  • Presentation “Is Japan Caught in a Low Fertility Trap?” at the International Conference on Low Fertility and Reproductive Health in East and Southeast Asia, Nihon University Population Research Institute, November 12

Anne Goujon
  • Presentation “New Times, Old Beliefs: Future Importance of Religions in Austria, Switzerland and Canada” at the Conference on Demography and Culture, International Association of Francophone Demographers, Quebec, August 29

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