07 September 2015 - 09 September 2015
Leeds, UK

IIASA research at the BSPS Annual Conference 2015

Scientists from the World Population Program will present latest demographic research at this annual meeting.

© Poohz2 | Dreamstime.com - Ziff Building - University Of Leeds, UK

© Poohz2 | Dreamstime.com - Ziff Building - University Of Leeds, UK

The British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) is a non-profitable society that holds annual conferences on the study of human populations. It invites scientists from different disciplines to share new insights in the scientific study of biological, economic, historical, medical, social and other disciplines connected with human populations and to contribute to an increased public awareness. With the annual conference the BSPS provides a forum for discussion and the interchange of ideas. The 2015 BSPS Conference will be held at the University of Leeds, 7-9 September.

IIASA scientists Markus Speringer and Samir KC are participating at this meeting to present and discuss latest research from the World Population Program. Under the working title "Measuring Education from the Present in the Past: the Construction of a Global Dataset on the Educational Attainment in the 20th Century", Markus Speringer will present his work developed in cooperation with his colleagues Anne Goujon, Samir KC, Jakob Eder, Ramon Bauer and Michaela Potančoková. it describes the first results and the methodology to develop a Historical Human Capital Database based on two major efforts: First, the collection, harmonization and validation of datasets on educational attainment and literacy by age and sex in the 20th century, and second, the reconstruction of the data gaps in the time series based on the multi-dimensional cohort-component projection method, that can be used for back-projecting populations. 

Samir KC will present a paper on "Projecting the Regional Explicit Development of the Population Structure and Social Heterogeneity in Nepal" that he worked on together with Markus Speringer.

For more information please visit the event website.

Full list of IIASA contributions at the BSPS

Monday 7 September 2015

Demographic projections: Ethnicity & projections – 1.30-3pm
1. Projecting the regional explicit development of the population structure and social heterogeneity in Nepal • Samir K.C., Speringer

Population change, environment and resource use – 4.45‐6.15pm
1. Believing, belonging and behaving: exploring mismatch between climate change perceptions and individual mitigation behaviours across 27 European countries • Muttarak
2. A tale of disaster experience in two countries: demographic differentials in disaster preparedness in the Philippines and Thailand • Hoffmann, Muttarak
3. When the well runs dry, when the water gets high: Exploring internal migration due to environmental stress in Americas and Southeast Asia • Abel, Muttarak, Vuolo

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Ethnicity & religion: Dynamics 1 ‐ religion – 9‐10.30am
4. Religious mobility of immigrants in Canada ‐ Malenfant, Goujon, Skirbekk

Families: Living arrangements – 11am-12.30pm
4. Living arrangements: differences by migration background explored and explained • de Valk, Bordone

Demographic projections: National & global scenarios – 11am-12.30pm
2. The dynamics of human capital‐specific old‐age dependency ratio in Europe ‐ Philipov, Goujon, Di Giulio

Historical: Fertility &  kinship in historical populations – 1.45-3.15pm
4. Measuring education from the present in the past: the construction of a global dataset on the educational attainment in the 20th Century – Speringer, Goujon, Samir K.C., Eder, Bauer, Potančoková

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