09 June 2018
Christine König Galerie, Schleifmühlgasse 1A, 1040 Vienna

FACING GAÏA conversation: Scientist and Artist envision the future

RISK researchers will participate in a conversation on climate change at the Christine König Galerie, Vienna.

© public domain

© public domain

Christine König Galerie supports it's exhibitions by a series of conversations.

RISK postdoctoral research scholar Alison Heslin, research scholar Weil Liu and visitor Rob Lempert form RAND are participating in the conversation this Saturday, June 9th 2018: “Climate change: Scientist and Artist envision the futurte”. The conversation will start 1 pm Schleifmühlgasse 1A, 1040 Vienna.

The world is trembling. Temperatures are soaring. Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones surge and sweep through cities and homes reducing them to ruins. Water levels are rising, flooding arable lands if not entire countries.

In the exhibiton FACING GAÏA, which follows the UNIVERSITY OF DISASTER exhibition at the Bosnian Pavilion of the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017 as a sort of case study, Radenko Milak and Roman Uranjek are presenting new works. Global warming, by its magnitude, paradoxically invites the artists to reinvest history. The exhibition unfolds in three times and spaces:

  • Dates for a Subjective Timeline of the Climate Change consists of about thirty works, including composite works, that confront Radenko Milak’s unique black and white watercolors with Roman Uranjek’s cross motif collages.
  • From the Far Side of the Moon, with original music by Gaël Rakotondrabe, shows sections of landscapes in which the natural movements of water, air, smoke, plants or living creatures flow one after another.
  • Orbis Terrarum sive Sphaere sive Deus sive Natura is a huge installation polyptich by Radenko Milak.

Christine König Galerie

The Christine König Galerie was founded in 1989 in Vienna. The gallery represents a variety of internationally recognized artists and works simultaneously with a decidedly younger generation of upcoming artists. The gallery’s program and its selection of the artists reflects the central concerns of Christine König: Politics and activism, feminism, literature, as well as post-conceptual approaches.


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