10 July 2019 - 11 July 2019
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Experts Meeting on Assessing and Determining the Needs of Developing Countries

IIASA's ENE's Bas van Ruijven will be attending the experts meeting, organized by the UNFCCC secretariat with the support of the Asian Development Bank, the Governments of the Republic of the Philippines and the Republic of Korea.

Photo by WestBoundary Photography chris gill on Unsplash

Photo by WestBoundary Photography chris gill on Unsplash

IIASA's Bas van Ruijven has been invited to attend the expert meeting held by the UNFCCC. The Experts Meeting on Assessing and Determining the Needs of Developing Countries (related to the implementation of the Climate Change Convention and the Paris Agreement) is summoned in response to the decision by the Conference of Parties at its twenty-third session (COP 23). The decision requested the secretariat to explore ways and means to assist developing countries in assessing their needs and priorities in a country-driven manner, and in translating climate finance needs into action. The experts invited will be technical experts involved in the assessment and determination of needs of developing countries.

According to the UNFCCC secretariat, there are multiple topics the meeting sets to cover, specifically:

  • Thematic scope: needs in relation to mitigation, adaptation, technology and capacity-building and loss and damage
  • Geographic scope: global, regional and national
  • Sectoral scope: energy, water, agriculture, etc.
  • Policy and other cross-cutting issues

The meeting itself will be organized into different sessions which will include presentations and open overall discussions and break-out group discussions. Moreover, it will be divided into four sessions (excluding the opening and closing remarks):

  1. National and regional needs assessments of developing countries
  2. Thematic assessments of needs by countries and multilateral and bilateral agencies
  3. Mapping out information availability and gaps
  4. Translating climate finance needs into action

For more information and a detailed overview of the meeting, please click here.

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Last edited: 10 July 2019


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Sustainable Service Systems

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van Ruijven, B., De Cian, E., & Sue Wing, I. (2019). Amplification of future energy demand growth due to climate change. Nature Communications 10 (1) 10.1038/s41467-019-10399-3.

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van Ruijven, B.J., Levy, M.A., Biermann, F., & Pachauri, S. (2014). Enhancing the relevance of shared socioeconomic pathways for climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability research. Climatic Change 122 (3), 481-494. 10.1007/s10584-013-0931-0.

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