EMF27 Scenario Database

The EMF27 project is a global model comparison exercise that includes a worldwide consortium of research institutes and is led by the Stanford Energy Modeling Forum, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impacts Research, IIASA, and other institutes. More than twenty individual studies from the three-year project have been published in a special issue of Climatic Change. These papers touch on issues as diverse as climate policy, land use and agriculture, and non-CO2 greenhouse gases, among others.

The EMF27 Scenario Database is the result of a multi-year cross-model comparison study entitled, "Global Technology Strategies for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation." It focuses on the development and cross model comparison of a new generation of comprehensive international climate policy intervention scenarios focusing on technology strategies for achieving climate policy objectives. That is, the study investigates which technologies will be need and when they need to be implemented in order to reach a variety of climate targets.

These scenarios allowed participating models to exercise enhanced modeling capabilities that were focused on in previous EMF studies on the international trade implications of climate policies; the representation of technological change; and the incorporation of multi-gas mitigation and land use emissions and mitigation policy alternatives. Building upon previous studies (EMF22) the EMF27 scenarios compile a high-quality and coordinated set of technology-rich global and regional transitional policy scenarios. By moving from idealized scnearios to more realistic scenarios that do not assume perfect where, when, and what flexibility in the implementation of the policies, the EMF27 hopes to inform the upcoming climate policy discussions by investigating how the introduction of advanced low GHG emitting technologies can reduce the cost of both ideal and alternative climate policies.

The final results of the EMF27 study are published in a special issue of the journal Climatic Change, provides an overview of the results of EMF27.

Contents of the Database

The EMF27 database, operated by IIASA for the EMF27 consortium, hosts the model results for the 18 participating global energy-economy models from research teams around the world. 

Models Participating in EMF 27
AIM/End Use (Japan)
BET (Japan)
DNE21+ (Japan)
EC-IAM (Canada)
ENV-Linkages (OECD)
FARM (U.S./Germany)
GCAM-IIM (U.S./India)
GRAPE (Japan)
IMACLIM (France)
IMAGE (Netherlands)
Phoenix (U.S.)
POLES (France)
REMIND (Germany)
TIAM-World (Canada)
WITCH (Italy)

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