01 October 2014
Rome, Italy

Energy Program at Annual Meeting of International Research Network for Low Carbon Societies

'Energy security and climate policies form an unequal and transient marriage.'

IIASA’s Energy Program researcher Dr. Jessica Jewell gave a presentation on ‘Energy Security and Climate Policies an unequal and transient marriage’ at the annual meeting of the International Research Network for Low Carbon Societies, held in Rome, Italy on 1-2 October 2014. In her presentation, Dr. Jewell argued that the impact of low-carbon policies on energy security depends on the timing and intensity of these policies and the definition of energy security: security of what? security for whom? and security from which threats? She highlighted that the EU’s 2030 climate/energy package and energy security of the EU show little if any alignment. In the long-term however, global climate stabilization policies benefit energy security of India, China and the EU but may have negative impacts on export revenues of the U.S. and other energy exporters.

The International Research Network for Low Carbon Societies (LCS-RNet) was established in 2009 on the initiative of the G8 Environment Ministers’ Meeting (G8 EMM), in recognition of the need for each country to develop its own vision of a low carbon society (LCS) and how the transition might be achieved. This would contribute to the goal of cutting global greenhouse gas emissions by half or more by 2050 in an effort to keep the rise of global average temperature below 2 degrees Celsius, a level that is believed would mitigate dangerous impacts on the majority of the earth’s eco-systems. Annual LCS-RNet meetings discussed research needs for reaching mid and long-term targets, LCS scenarios, economic and technology policies, green growth, individual lifestyle changes and a range of cross-cutting issues, while noting the need for science to explicitly aid the process of transition towards LCS.

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