Future Forests

The Future Forests project, a collaboration between the Future Forests Program and IIASA, will provide insights into the impact of the Swedish forest sector on global land use by quantifying the area covered by managed forest and by assessing how the development of short-rotation plantations will affect carbon mitigation.

Copyright Future Forests book

Copyright Future Forests book

The demand for use of forests is increasing and wood markets are becoming increasingly globalized. Thus, the consequences of the management of forest resources need to be analyzed both nationally and from a global perspective.

In this collaborative project between IIASA and the Future Forests project, coordinated by Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, the IIASA GLOBIOM/G4M modeling cluster is being used to analyze:

  1. The consequences for the Swedish forest sector’s future position in Europe and globally of alternative Swedish forest land-use strategies, and
  2. The consequences of international market and policy developments for forest land-use strategies in Sweden.

The main factors considered within the project are potential changes in the global economic situation and population growth, demand for forest products nationally and internationally, and changes within the Swedish forest policy and also in forest owner behavior.

The IIASA/ESM modeling cluster is applied in this project to analyze the consequences on the future position of the Swedish forest sector in Europe and globally of alternative forest land-use strategies for Swedish forests. The modeling approach, which integrates detailed economic and biophysical components, enables an economic analysis of Swedish forestry competitiveness to be carried out under different forest use strategies.

The project will also provide a better understanding of the impact of the different forest management strategies on forest industries and trade of woody commodities within the EU and globally.

The photograph, native forests in fall, is from the introduction to the book, Westholm E, Beland Lindahl K, Kraxner F (2013) The future of Nordic Forestry: A global perspective. Springer Verlag.

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Last edited: 02 February 2016


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