25 June 2014

Guest lecture on Non-Geological Constraints to Coal-Bed Methane Production in China

Prof. Helen (Xiangyang) Xu visited ASA, IIASA and gave a lecture on Non-Geological Constraints to Coal-Bed Methane Production in China. Then Prof. Xu discussed with Elena Rovenskaya, Yurii Ermoliev, Tatiana Ermolieva and Gui-Ying Cao the progress of Junlian Gao's work on tradeoffs between economic and environmental goals in coal mining in China. 

Lecture abstract:
From humble beginnings as a coal mine degasification and safety technique developed in the USA during the 1970’s, CBM production is commercially well established in several countries. Global CBM production totals 5.8 Bcfd from 15 basins in the USA, Canada, Australia, China, and India. Interestingly, successful CBM production is occurring from a wide range of coal types, ages, and geologic settings. However, in all cases the keys to commercial success are favorable geologic conditions (good coal thickness, gas content/saturation, permeability). CBM production in China is struggling due to more challenging geologic conditions and non-geological constraints. We can’t change the geologic condition, so the analysis of non-geological constraints became the key to the CBM production in China. The presentation from upper and lower level game to analyze the key factors to development of the CBM, at last give the implication for future production.



Prof. Xu Xiangyang is the professor in China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing (CUMTB) which is a state key university with mining features and have more than 100 years history, established in 1909. She is also the Creator and director of Center for Resources and Environmental Policy Research of CUMTB .It is a policy research center, focused on key issues and problems in resources management and environment policy in China. It provides decision support and consulting service to government, NGO and agency. Main research areas are: Green economy growth and development, resources management, Carbon Finance and management and Technology Innovation.

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