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Reflections from ASA staff members 

This is not reality - Sibel Eker

Exploring the economics of the ‘Lisbon to Vladivostok’ idea concretely - Michael Emerson

Advocating for a new ecology grounded in systems science - Brian Fath

Climate change missing from government risk agendas - Leena Ilmola-Sheppard

Research-on-demand? - Leena Ilmola-Sheppard

Curbing misinformation about migration in Austria - Nadejda Komendantova

The hidden impacts of species extinction - Mateusz Iskrzyński

Intelligent cooperation - Valeria Javalera Rincón

What do our models really represent? - Daniel Jessie

Uncertainty in an emissions-constrained world - Matthias Jonas

Foreign direct investments in Eurasia: too little and from the wrong places? - Peter Havlik

Are all types of foreign investment driven by the same factors? The case for Mexico - Isela-Elizabeth Tellez-Leon

Not a heron: the Eurasian Economic Union should ‘stand on two legs’ - Evgeny Vinokurov

Network science and marketing: A virus’ tale - Matthias Wildemeersch

Reflections from YSSP 

How the environment shapes the way we behave - Roope Kaaronen

An empirical view of resilience and sustainability - Ali Kharrazi

Making the most of the IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program - M. Nazli Koseoglu

Human behavior is the most important factor - Tum Nhim

A world on the move - Julia M. Puaschunder

Conversations in corridors: Attending the World Science Forum 2017 - Nemi Vora

Reflections from MSA 2015

This summer in Moscow: Impressions from Moscow Summer Academy 2015 - M. Nazli Koseoglu

Challenges for marine decision making in the Arctic - Melina Kourantidou

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Last edited: 06 April 2020


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