25 February 2019 - 26 February 2019

Integrated robust management of food-energy-water-land use nexus for sustainable development

IIASA organizes a workshop dedicated to discussion of outcomes of the collaborative project “Integrated robust management of food-energy-water-land use nexus for sustainable development” conducted jointly by IIASA and National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine (NASU).

© Anatolii Lyzun| Dreamstime.com

© Anatolii Lyzun| Dreamstime.com

Project participants from NASU Institutions (Institute of Cybernetics, Institute of General Energy, Institute of Economics and Forecasting, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Demography and Social Studies, Scientific Centre of Aerospace Research of the Earth) and researchers from IIASA discuss current developments and outlook, including:

  • Novel approaches to robust management of the food-energy-water-land use (FEWL) nexus to account for complex linkages and differences in spatial and temporal scales between agriculture, energy, water systems, potential exogenously and endogenously generated collective systemic risks and new coherent feasible policies enabling FEWL nexus security;
  • Iterative algorithms of non-smooth optimization converging to the socially optimal solution linking distributed sectorial models for food-energy-water-land security for an optimal allocation and management of scarce resources under asymmetric information and inherent uncertainties;
  • Methods for linking global (stochastic GLOBIOM) with national models using iterative algorithms, for data harmonization and for robust non-parametric down-scaling;
  • Decision supports systems (DSS) to inform decisions on energy-efficient technology investments under resource constraints and systemic risks;
  • Integrated water resource management under risks and climate change;
  • Robust solutions for agriculture and energy sector in Ukraine.

Integrated robust management of food-energy-water-land use nexus for sustainable development

NASU is the National Member Organization representing Ukraine in IIASA. Ukraine’s membership in IIASA is centered around this project, whose current phase started in 2017 succeeding the previous activity called “Integrated modeling of food, energy and water management for sustainable social, economic, and environmental developments” conducted in 2012-2016. This project is based on the partnership of seven NASU research institutes and IIASA, who jointly conduct research to address problems of common interest for Ukraine, IIASA and globally, emerging in the context of interrelated food, energy, and water sectors, also extending to environmental and social dimensions. This research requires developing novel systems analysis approaches and tools to be able to deal with challenges of management under uncertainty and asymmetric information, which cannot be solved using existing approaches.

On the IIASA side, the project is co-led by Academician of NASU Prof. Dr. Yurii Ermoliev (PI) from the ASA program and Dr. Tatiana Ermolieva (Deputy PI) from the ESM Program. On the NASU side, the project is co-led by Academician of NASU Prof. Dr. Anatoly G. Zagorodny (PI), Vice-President of NASU, and Academician of NASU Prof. Dr. Vyacheslav L. Bogdanov (Deputy PI), Chief Scientific Secretary of NASU. 

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Last edited: 21 February 2019


Tatiana Ermolieva

Research Scholar

Integrated Biosphere Futures Research Group

T +43(0) 2236 807 581


Yurii Yermoliev

Emeritus Research Scholar

Cooperation and Transformative Governance Research Group|Exploratory Modeling Of Human-Natural Systems Research Group

T +43(0) 2236 807 208


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Research project

Integrated robust management of food-energy-water-land use nexus for sustainable development

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