06 June 2016

YSSP 2016 commenced at ASA

Seven young researchers from various countries joined the Advanced System Analysis program to work on their projects for three months. 

Osama Ibrahim, Stockholm University, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV), Sweden 

Supervisor: Matthias Wildemeersch

Research Project: A systems tool for prescriptive policy analysis. Labelled causal mapping, A problem structuring method for policy modelling, simulation and decision analysis

Munire Koseoglu, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Supervisor: Yurii Ermoliev Co-Supervisor: Tatiana Ermolieva (ESM)

Research Project: Application of stochastic de-centralized water pricing and pollution taxation model operating under inherent uncertainties and risks (WAP) for designing water quality trading schemes in rural Scottish catchments.

Julia Puaschunder, The New School, USA

Supervisor: Elena Rovenskaya

Research Project: Financing climate stability

Navid Rekabsaz, Vienna University of Technology (TU WIEN), Austria

Supervisor: Stefan Thurner Co-Supervisor: Sebastian Poledna (ASA/RISK)

Research Project: Detecting systemic risk in the financial system by sentiment analysis of textual big data

Corinthias Sianipar, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia

Supervisor: Yurii Yermoliev Co-Supervisor: Tatiana Ermolieva (ESM)

Research Project: System modeling of Appropriate Technology integration into the cocoa industry in Aceh, Indonesia

Dina Subkhankulova, University College London, United Kingdom

Supervisor: Artem Baklanov Co-Supervisor: David McCollum (ENE) Research Project: Decentralised coordination of demand-side under the high renewable energy penetration scenario

Mingshu Wang, University of Georgia, USA

Supervisor: Anna Shchiptsova

Research Project: Effects of spatial urbanization pattern on the emissions in the transportation sector

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Last edited: 11 July 2016


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