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As an interdisciplinary institute, IIASA researchers are used to working across disciplinary boundaries. As a policy-focused research center, IIASA is regularly in contact with policymakers and stakeholders. Yet it is rare even in an institute like IIASA to reach outside the walls of science and policy into other areas of society like the arts, even though much could be gained from such interactions.

Based on the realisation that science needs a new kind of language to reach the public, the IIASA Science & Art project has developed a method to create research projects involving artists and scientists with the objective to transmit key scientific findings to society. The resulting productions aim to drive sustainable transformation  through active learning and experience.

For instance, we have developed interactive performances that investigate the relationship between humans and nature to reveal robust measures for a sustainable existence. We have created stories based on facts about climate change, so people can make sense of them. We have turned theories such as the mechanisms of cooperation into choreography on stage, so people can see them in action. We have turned data, such as temperature rise into music, so people can hear and feel it. We have also grappled with ethical dilemmas created through new knowledge such as population growth and migration by turning them into physical theatre games and involving the audience in the solution finding process.

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20.02 UnEarthing at the World Science Forum 2019

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22 November 2019 - 22 November 2019


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18 October 2019

Stories for the Future Initiative

The new initiative Stories for the Future offers resources for writers to generate science based stories that meet the sustainability challenges of our time and will build an open platform to collect and publish such stories. More

4 October 2019 - 4 October 2019


An interactive performance by artists and scientists that investigates the relationship between humans and nature, and aims to reveal robust measures for a sustainable existence, will premiere at the World Science Forum on 22 November 2019. More

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18.09 Dancing with the Future

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