The project Quantifying Migration Scenarios for Better Policy (QuantMig) has launched three freely-accessible, open online tools.

The QuantMig Migration Scenarios Explorer, prepared by team of IIASA researchers, presents population and labour force indicators for 2020-2060 related to the QuangMig migration scenarios under different assumptions on rare migration events in the early 2020s. The scenarios extend those from the Wittgenstein Centre Data Explorer by focusing on migration assumptions.

The QuantMig Migration Estimates Explorer includes the probabilistic estimates of migration within, into and out of Europe, prepared by QuantMig team at Southampton University. The estimates are available by a range of demographic characteristics, prepared for the period 2009-2019, and are integrating earlier estimates for 2002-2008 developed in the IMEM project.

The DEMIG-QuantMig Policy Database, prepared by Mathias Czaika and his team at the Donau University in Krems, documents over 7,600 migration policy changes enacted by 31 European countries in the period 1990-2020. The database extends and updates the original DEMIG POLICY database assembled by the International Migration Institute.

The Open Data deposits related to these tools, as well as to other data collections produced within the project are also freely available for download from the QuantMig Community on Zenodo.

For feedback on any of our tools, please email their respective authors, or write to the generic QuantMig address, at


African school girl posing at a school desk with pen and paper

04 December 2023

Filling data gaps to assess the role of education in fertility decline

IIASA researchers have introduced an innovative methodology for reconstructing data on fertility and education, particularly in developing countries with inconsistent or unreliable data sets.

28 November 2023

TEDx talk on "How climate change affects population dynamics"

Population and Just Societies (POPJUS) Program principal researcher Raya Muttarak talks about the relationship between global climate change and migration at a TEDx event in Vicenza, Italy.
workshop picture

27 November 2023

EQU Justice Framework Workshop at IIASA

The Equity and Justice Research Group, in collaboration with the IIASA Strategic Initiative projects fairSTREAM, JustTRans4ALL and TRUST, hosted a Justice Framework Workshop on 16 November at IIASA.