Florian Kraxner and Andrey Krasovskiy participated in the workshop "Drivers of Climate Risks in Europe: Harmonizing Research on Impact Attribution of Past Events," which took place on Friday, September 22, 2023, at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) in Potsdam, Germany.

Andrey presenting FLAM results at PIK © Florian Kraxner

Andrey Krasovskiy presenting FLAM results at PIK

Their presentation, titled "Modelling Wildfires in Europe with the FLAM Model," was delivered by Andrey and showcased the FLAM modeling approach. This approach not only enables the capture of historical fire events but also facilitates the generation of future scenarios under climate change projections and adaptation options.

The presentation garnered significant interest from the audience, leading to engaging discussions and the potential for collaboration with the Joint Research Center in Ispra, as well as PIK. The event hosted approximately 60 participants, including the invited speakers.

For more information about this event, you can visit the following link: https://eveeno.com/geo_x_workshop_09_2023

Closer to home, FLAM projections were featured at the annual ForestNavigator project consortium meeting, hosted by IIASA the week of September 25-29. FLAM is an important component of the project, used to assess forest fire risks across Europe in conjunction with other natural hazards. Looking forward, the FLAM team will also participate in upcoming project meetings for the Human-Tech Nexus (HuT) in Valencia, Spain at the end of October and for MOSAIC in Innsbruck at the beginning of November.


Green seedlings in various stages of growth

02 April 2024

CROPS: a new EU-funded project to grow citizen science in Europe

In February 2024, a new EU-funded project kicked off. CROPS – short for curating, replicating, orchestrating, and propagating citizen science across Europe – is a three-year project that brings together six partners from six different countries to develop and demonstrate a modern, inclusive mechanism to support the upscaling of citizen science activities in Europe and beyond.
Forestry activity. Trucks transporting tree trunks.

14 March 2024

European forests: how climate change, land ownership, and forest-related policies influence future wood supply

IIASA researchers contributed to a new study analyzing factors affecting future wood supply in Europe such as climate change, land use, and policy developments. The authors propose practical response measures for different stakeholder groups, including the wood-based industry, forest management, and policymakers.
Israel on blue digital planet Earth with network.

08 March 2024

The Archimedes Center: advancing systems analysis in Israel

In 2023, IIASA collaborated with Tel Aviv University and the Israeli Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology, to set up a new national research center focusing on a broad set of scientific fields related to systems analysis in Israel.