A new issue of the POPNET Newsletter of the Wittgenstein Centre is now available.

As of now, the POPNET newsletter has a new format. It will be released monthly and online. It will highlight the latest news, publications, events and other activities of the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital.

Here you can find the new as well as the previous issues.


Graph showing economic impacts of medical costs

24 February 2023

The price of cancer

A new study calculated the economic cost of cancers around the world, helping policymakers allocate resources appropriately and enact policies to curb the increase in cancer-related death and disability.
Wooden figures around a blue glass globe. Concept of cooperation and collaboration

20 January 2023

Austrian Federal Minister for Education, Science, and Research visits IIASA

IIASA recently welcomed Austria's Federal Minister for Education, Science, and Research, Martin Polaschek, to discuss ongoing research projects and explore potential collaborations between the institute and the Austrian government.
Woman holding tablet showing health insurance concept

13 January 2023

Health insurance as a fuel for medical progress

A new study argues that expanding health insurance coverage can drive medical progress, support wellbeing, and even extend lifespan in the United States.