IIASA Director General, Albert van Jaarsveld, visited New Delhi from 27 to 29 July 2023. This trip marked a momentous opportunity for IIASA to strengthen its ties with India and global partners, as well as contribute to the advancement of the Green and Sustainable Growth Agenda for the Global Economy.

Conference: Green and Sustainable Growth Agenda for the Global Economy

A key highlight of the Director General's visit was his participation at the NITI Aayog organized conference titled "Green and Sustainable Growth Agenda for the Global Economy". In Session 2, themed "Technology, Policy, Jobs", Van Jaarsveld shared his insights and expertise on the pivotal role of technology and policy in driving sustainable economic growth while creating new employment opportunities. The conference served as a platform for policymakers, experts, and stakeholders to collaboratively chart a path towards a greener and more prosperous global economy.

Meeting with the UN Resident Coordinator, UN representatives, and the Indian G20 Sherpa

These meetings revolved around reinforcing collaboration between IIASA and the United Nations and promoting the G20 policy briefs on multilateral reforms prepared by IIASA as G20 inputs. Upon request of the G20 Sherpa Mr. Kant, IIASA researchers have been collaborating closely with a group of high-level experts over the last few months to produce four policy briefs in the areas of multilateral institution reforms (UN, Climate Finance, World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Trade Organization (WTO)), outlining a detailed analysis, recommendations, and proposed transformations.

Fostering collaboration with key stakeholders

As part of his visit, Van Jaarsveld also scheduled several significant bilateral meetings with prominent figures from India and international organizations aiming to strengthen existing partnerships and explore new avenues for collaboration in pursuit of sustainable development.

The IIASA Director General's mission to India holds immense promise in strengthening international partnerships and fostering cutting-edge research to tackle the challenges of sustainable development and pave the way for a greener and more resilient global economy.

27-29.07.2023 IIASA-India mission trip


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