Partners in the ENGAGE project to present new research results to Asian stakeholders

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As part of the ENGAGE1 project, the partners will foster knowledge co-production via an iterative stakeholder dialogue process that includes workshops and frequent communication and interactions among local scientists, policy makers, civil society, the private sector and other key stakeholders.  In light of the next COP in November 2021, partners of the ENGAGE project will present new research results and hear views from Asian stakeholders' views on the feasibility and equity of national decarbonization targets. The workshop will consist of four sessions (three 60-minute sessions and one 90-minute session) and include topics related to:

  •  National decarbonization pathways,
  • Feasibility of Asian decarbonization pathways (2 sessions),
  • Decarbonization pathways and ethical considerations.

    Participants are expected to include a wide range of experts from policy, business and industry, civil society and academia hailing from all throughout South, East, and Southeast Asia.
    For more information, including materials from the workshop, please visit the event webpage.

1The ENGAGE project (Exploring National and Global Actions to reduce Greenhouse gas Emissions) is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 Programme (Grant agreement No 821471 (ENGAGE)).

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