We bring together speakers from IIASA, the Science Advice for Policy by European Academies - SAPEA, and the North Africa Applied Systems Analysis Center - NAASAC to share their experiences on engaging in this space from a researcher, organizational, and policy perspective.

In an era marked by complex global challenges, effective science communication has emerged as a pivotal bridge between the scientific community and policymakers. In this event, we will share experiences and good practices in science-to-policy communication, highlighting the importance in shaping evidence-based decision-making and driving societal progress. Harnessing the power of science communication allows one to navigate the intricate intersection of science and policy, ultimately forging a more informed and resilient society.

Speakers include:

Ansa Heyl
Communications Manager, IIASA

Toby Wardman
Head of Communications, SAPEA 

Mai Mostafa Awad
Assistant Lecturer of Economics and Finance at Institute of National Planning


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