Anne Goujon, POPJUS Program Director at IIASA, will participate in the online workshop "Shrinking smartly and sustainably" organized by Population Europe and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Dr. Goujon will discuss the findings of her report on "The Demographic Landscape of EU Territories" in a panel discussion, answering questions on high-level perspectives on demographic changes, population trends and policies.

Goujon's scientific interests lie in the macro-level analysis of background characteristics of the population, applying the methodologies of multi-state population projections to study the impact of dynamics of demographic change on these characteristics and the impact of demographic behaviors of these groups on the overall population.

This workshop brings together policy-makers and experts to discuss policies on adapting to shrinking populations in regions and countries experiencing sustained and strong population losses. To make the conversation accessible for diverse groups of participants, the organizers will propose several 'imagined futures' based on foresight analysis to stir debate and identify policy trade-offs and challenges for different types of regions.

You can register for the workshop and see other sessions on the event website.

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