Energy, Climate, and Environment Program scientist will present IIASA research at the Air Pollution and Climate Change Conference  jointly organized by the School of Environment and Institute for Carbon Neutrality at Tsinghua University, Nature Geoscience, Nature, Nature Climate Change, Nature Energy, Nature Cities, Nature Reviews Earth and Environment, and Communications Earth and Environment.

Climate change and air pollution are two important environmental challenges with great impacts on the planet and humans. Addressing one issue may have positive or negative effects on the other. This event provides a platform for natural and social scientists as well as policymakers to discuss interactions of these two issues, benefits of tackling them, and actions for joint mitigation. 

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  •  Wednesday, 22nd May

Session 2: Co-benefits of tackling air pollution and climate change

Methane abatement for near-term climate change mititgation and air quality co-benfits, Lena Höglund-Isaksson

Potential for Future Reductions of Global GHG and Air Pollutants from Circular Waste Management Systems, Adriana Gomez Sanabria

Session 3: Transition to clean energy systems

Electric cooking as a transition strategy for solid fuel users: insights from recent fieldwork, Narasimha Rao

Session 4: Air pollution and climate change mitigation

Air Quality and Health Co-benefits of Coordinated Environmental and Climate Policies, Zbigniew Klimont