POPJUS EQU researchers will attend the 3rd International Conference on Natural Hazards and Risks in a Changing World: Addressing Compound and Multi-Hazard Risk, organized by MYRIAD-EU, Risk KAN and NatRiskChange in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The in-person format of this event will facilitate broader exchanges between stakeholders from policy makers, scientists, practitioners, research organizations and research communities driving the discussion of – and engagement with – compound and multi-hazard risk around the world. The conference will break silos between different communities, and promote an integrated approach that is key for reducing the risks posed by natural hazards and achieving a sustainable future for society!

Eva Preinfalk presents a systematic approach to analyzing future European wildfire risk, acknowledging wildfires as 'socio-natural' hazards. This study, conducted within the framework of Firelogue project, utilizes the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) to encompass various potential future scenarios. It accounts for the uncertainties related to social, economic, and ecological changes shaping wildfire risk. The results serve as a qualitative guide for integrated model-based assessments of future wildfire scenarios, establishing boundary conditions for evaluating wildfire risk management strategies and highlighting potential challenges.

The social dimensions of climate risk have become a concern of study worldwide. Climate risks vary between and within regions and vulnerable groups. This study, as part of the DISCC-AT project, explores the drivers of social vulnerability to heat and flood related risk on the household level from an intersectional lens in Austria. Julia Beier will deliver a presentation on participatory and mixed-methods approach used in her research, explaining how narratives were instrumental in shaping the resulting archetypes of intersectional social vulnerability.


  • DAY 1 June 12 2024
Dynamics, interdependencies and interactions of risk drivers 11.15 am – 12.45 am

12:00 | Eva Preinfalk Fuelling the fires - An exploration of the drivers and the scope for management of European wildfire risk under the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways

  • DAY 2 June 13 2024
Storylines and narratives for multi-hazard, multi-risk decision-making 9.00 am – 11.00 am

9:15 | Julia Beier Exploring social vulnerability through narratives: A mixed-methods approach to develop storylines of vulnerability for heat and flood related risk in Austria

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