Recording available. The twelfth IIASA Voices webinar focused on the role of different drivers in shaping migration worldwide, with IIASA researchers Raya Muttarak, Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, and Gregor Zens presenting insights from their recent work. The recording of the webinar is now available to watch below.

Migration is a global phenomenon that has received widespread attention in recent public discourses. While the topic is often presented in simplistic ways, it is characterized by high levels of complexity: a wide range of interlinked factors influence who migrates, under which conditions, when, and where to.

New emerging challenges, including the threats of climate change, geopolitical instability, and conflict, have major implications for human mobility in often unpredictable ways. To comprehensively understand migration and its multiple drivers in different contexts, rigorous evidence is needed.

This IIASA Voices webinar presents novel IIASA research using innovative data and analytical methods to decipher the interlinked drivers shaping migration processes worldwide. Raya Muttarak, Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, and Gregor Zens, with moderator Roman Hoffmann, will share their research and discuss policy strategies with a focus on the links between climate and migration, the role of local resource contexts in shaping migration patterns, and conflict driven displacement.

The work presented in this IIASA Voices was from the Migration and Sustainable Development Research Group:

The Short-Term Dynamics of Conflict-Driven Displacement: Bayesian Modeling of Disaggregated Data from Somalia:

Climate Change, Aridity, and Internal Migration: Evidence from Census Microdata for 72 Countries:

Climate, conflict and forced migration:

Natural resources modulate the nexus between environmental shocks and human mobility:

A meta-analysis of country-level studies on environmental change and migration:

World’s human migration patterns in 2000–2019 unveiled by high-resolution data:

IIASA Voices series

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