IIASA Director General, John Schellnhuber, will participate in an international workshop titled, Human – meanings and challenges, during the 29th General Assembly of Members of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

The Workshop will be held in Rome, at the Congress Center of the Augustinianum Institute close to the Vatican City. The event will include speakers and academicians, together with an international public from varied cultural backgrounds.

One of the highlights of the workshop will be a panel discussion featuring John Schellnhuber, focusing on the imperative of interdisciplinary approaches and the compelling need to rethink humancentrism. As humanity faces unprecedented challenges in the realms of sustainability, ethics, and societal cohesion, Schellnhuber's insights are expected to offer valuable perspectives on navigating these complex terrains.

As a lifetime member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Schellnhuber will continue to contribute his expertise and insights to the Academy's mission of promoting scientific understanding and ethical dialogue on critical global issues, particularly those related to the environment and sustainable development.

John Schellnhuber meeting the pope © Vatican Media

IIASA Director General John Schellnhuber with Pope Francis.

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