IIASA demographer Wolfgang Lutz is invited to participate in the 4th Global Boardroom digital conference organized by Financial Times

sustainable growth © Italianestro | Dreamstime.com

The Global Boardroom returns for its fourth edition in December to further debate the path to recovery, exploring the long-term economic, social and geopolitical consequences of the crisis and the strategies that governments, businesses and investors must undertake to assure sustainable, resilient growth. Timed to follow COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference due to take place in Glasgow, the event will look closely at how net zero objectives are transforming decision-making, while also gauging the impact of new technologies on the fabric of business, markets and society.

Dr. Lutz will participate in a panel session on East Asia’s Population Decline: A looming demographic crisis, or could greater prosperity be found in fewer numbers?

The session is aimed at providing answers to questions such as: The population decline in East Asia is a striking new phenomenon, posing a threat to the long-term health of the region’s economies, with the prospect of lower standards of living, slower GDP growth and serious fiscal challenges. What have been the catalysts for the decline? Has the lack of gender equality in many patriarchal Asian societies contributed? With East Asia seen as one of the biggest potential sources of post-COVID growth, can those economies continue to grow while tackling a declining workforce? Is this really a problem, or in a world of rapidly expanding automation could demographic shrinkage be considered a boon, not a threat?

Wednesday, December 8

07:35 — 08:20 GMT

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